Consciousness as computations (introduction)

Fri 10 November 2017

I've met a lovely philosopher recently, and we've been talking about very many things. One thing I would like to convince him of is that the currently known laws of physics don't forbid the implementation of a human mind (e.g. AGI/upload) in a silicon (or other suitable computing material) substrate.

I want to document my thoughts on how I justify going from the apple-falls-to-the-ground sort of physics, to fantacizing that, if the technology matures before my mindstate is wiped through senescence, I might one day live to see other star systems and inhabit virtual environments with radically different laws of physics.

My own thoughts and philosophies in life have been shaped by a number of people I've known, and authors whose works I've admired. In no particular order, for future reference:

I'll have to check with the aforementioned philosopher to see if I have phrased the question in a mutually agreeable way before deciding where to go next.